I want to thank my friends, family and all those people I’ve met along my evolving journey to owning
a vegan ice cream van business.

Ali Warnes for the final prècis encouragement.

Bev Chapman for the belief, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Carlo Ciarla ice cream van man for selling me his ice cream van and for the ongoing support,
information and training.

George Streeter for his support, encouragement and the Carpigiani soft serve machine training.

Jane Goldie for her wonderful friendship, love, incredible support, encouragement and for giving up
her time to support me on my first week selling DÀPPA ice cream and for getting my receipts in

Josh Taylor McGovern scyllasocial.co.uk web designer for his incredible design skills and exciting new ways and ideas in creating this website.

Kathryn Gwennap for the trips to the farm and my first experiences of the heifers.

Lisa Burrows @ Yarnfull for the wonderful crocheted hanging cornets. The time, precision and effort is second to none. Thank you Lisa for your encouragement and trouble shooting skills.

Lisa Kinder for the encouragement, inspiration, the many hours trying to help me with the sum up machine and the brilliant photography skills…and for being one amazingly supportive friend.

Maddie at Porthtowan Eco Park for whom nothing was ever a problem and for promoting Tresidder’s.

Mark James for the encouragement, incredible photography skills, the cash till and other practical and helpful advice that made things go smoothly.

Miceala Smith for always being there, helping in any way she can, nothing is ever any trouble.

Geoff Smith for the inspiration, encouragement, battery charge, and the first punk lettering prototype.

Mitchell and Webber at Scorrier, specifically Tristan …for helping the ice cream van run on green energy- hydronated vegetable fuel HVO fossil free fuel.

OB my beautiful friend for the love, encouragement and wonderful enthusiastic praise.

Simon James for the helpful conversations around the business idea.

Shelley Ann for her great kindness in sharing her knowledge, advice and documents around setting up a business.

Steve Burrows for the business name inspiration and for the engineering skills used in getting the Carpigiani soft serve machine up and running.

Steve Bean for providing me with the wonderful cornets and thanks for the ice cream holder.

Tim Stirrup for the belief, enthusiasm, encouragement and for allowing Tresidder’s Cornish V-ices to regularly visit Mount Pleasant campsite at Porthtowan Eco Park.

Treve @ Procreations in Connor Downs for his incredible artistic skills and taking on the challenge of designing a punked up Cornish ice cream van.

Tina Eldred for her ongoing enthusiasm and support and for giving up a day to help me with my business plan. 

Vegan Singles Over 40 Friday Zoomers …Andrea…especially Andrea for promoting Tresidder’s in a whole host of creative ideas, plus and in no particular order….Chris, Hayley, Graham, Indie, Jon, Ady, Tracy, Amanda, Clare, and Claire for the encouragement, belief and general