My Story

My path to transitioning to a plant-based diet began as a child growing up in a small rural Cornish village. My local traditional Cornish cultural upbringing was founded upon the meat and dairy industry, from the food we ate to walking to and from school with the cows. Many of my friends were from farming families and often I would spend my days playing on their farms.

On one such day around the age of thirteen, my friend and I spent a magical afternoon in a field with some young cow heifers. I recognised that these youngsters had their own unique personalities, they interacted with each other and with us, and they were playful and affectionate. I realised that they were just the same as my pets at home and from this moment I became vegetarian.

In 2003 I became educated around the cruelty and exploitation towards cows in the dairy industry and I became vegan. One of the benefits I had not considered is how much healthier I would be. 

I work in Health and Social Care and I have been doing this for twenty years. But now I am now ready for another challenge to run alongside my important day job. Tresidder’s Cornish V-ices embraces my passion for veganism, addresses dairy intolerance and includes the best natural ingredients.

I love ice cream. But in Cornwall, I couldn’t find a soft serve ice cream from a van.

DÀPPA ice cream is the best because it is thick, rich and outrageously creamy.

Tresidder’s blends Cornish roots with exquisite ice cream to create a mouth-watering super cool experience.